MakerDAO Aims for Governance Equilibrium with AI-Powered Tools


  • MakerDAO has announced a new governance model that will make use of AI and feature crypto tokens with a new brand.
  • The plan will include the introduction of six SubDAOs, new governance tools, participation incentives, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).
  • Users will be able to farm tokens from SubDAOs and upgrade their old MKR and DAI tokens with the new brand.

MakerDAO Plots AI Governance “Endgame”

MakerDAO has announced a plan for its governance model that seeks to unite Maker’s existing Maker (MKR) token with its Dai stablecoin (DAI) under one unified brand. This model is intended to use artificial intelligence (AI) to create an equilibrium in the development of Maker’s protocol.

New Tokens and Sub-Organizations

The first phase of this plan is slated to roll out over the next few months by introducing tokens that are designed to unify MKR and DAI under one name. Users will also be able to upgrade their old MKR or DAI tokens optional into these new tokens. Additionally, the project is looking at creating six separate sub-organizations referred to as sub-decentralized autonomous organizations or “Sub-DAOs” which will perform delegated tasks from MakerDAO. Users who participate in these organizations may have access to farming rewards, though this feature is not available for U.S.-based users currently.

Governance Tools Utilizing AI Technology

The next stage of the plan includes launching governance tools that are enabled by AI technology. These tools are meant for users who hold the newly introduced Maker tokens, allowing them to summarize, verify, and generate proposals more easily than before. Furthermore, there are plans in motion for devising incentives for users who actively participate in Maker’s governance process as well as developing decentralized autonomous organizations (or “DAOs”).

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, MakerDao has laid out plans for a comprehensive overhaul of its governance system utilizing AI tools and introducing two different types of sub-organizations – all while unifying its existing MKR/Dai token pair under one unified brand. Although many details have yet to be determined regarding this endgame strategy from MakerDao it seems clear that they are serious about taking steps towards making their protocol more efficient and user friendly than ever before by leveraging cutting edge technology such as AI algorithms.