Asset Managers Eye Ethereum Futures ETFs: Big Money Flowing Into DeFi

• Asset managers are turning their attention to Ethereum futures ETFs.
• Ripple is accusing the SEC of misusing its quarterly reports in court.
• The U.S. Department of Justice is considering criminal charges against Binance amid market panic concerns.

Asset Managers’ Interests Pivot to Ethereum Futures ETFs

Asset managers are increasingly turning their attention towards Ethereum futures ETFs as a way to access the digital asset market. This move comes as part of a broader trend of increased institutional investment into cryptocurrencies, with many analysts predicting that this could be the year for mainstream adoption of these digital assets. The introduction of Ethereum futures ETFs would further provide investors with more ways to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market and reduce volatility risk associated with trading on exchanges.

Ripple Accuses SEC of Weaponizing Quarterly Reports

Ripple Labs has accused the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of weaponizing its quarterly reports in court proceedings against the company by misrepresenting them as evidence in its case against Ripple for allegedly selling unregistered securities. In response, Ripple has filed a motion seeking sanctions against the regulator for this action, arguing that it should not be allowed to use documents obtained from third parties without permission in legal proceedings.

U.S Department Of Justice Weighing Binance Criminal Charges

The US Department of Justice is reportedly weighing criminal charges against crypto exchange Binance amidst fears that such an action could cause market panic and disruption across the entire industry. While no official details have been released yet, it is believed that this potential investigation may be related to allegations of money laundering activities taking place on the platform, which have been made by several authorities in recent months.

Total Value Locked Across DeFi Protocols Down Following Curve Finance Attack

The total value locked across decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols has seen a decrease since a major attack on Curve Finance took place earlier this month, falling more than $3 billion since then according to data from DeFi Pulse. As a result, there are now over $40 billion worth of assets being held within various DeFi projects – down from an all-time high reported earlier this month just before the attack occurred but still representing significant growth compared to just one year ago when only around $7 billion was locked into these protocols overall.

Non-Profit Glo Launches Stablecoin Leveraging Yields To Alleviate Poverty

A non-profit organization called Glo has launched its own stablecoin leveraging yields from some top DeFi protocols with the aim to help alleviate extreme poverty around the world by providing access to financial services those living in poverty typically lack access too otherwise due traditional banking systems being inaccessible or underdeveloped in certain regions across Africa and Asia Pacific region specifically . The stablecoin works by leveraging yields earned through investments made into DeFi protocols such as Compound and Aave – allowing users who have little or no capital access much needed liquidity while also creating more efficient means for sending funds overseas quickly and securely without having deal with excessive fees or slow transaction times associated with outdated legacy banking systems currently used internationally today .